good corporate citizens and neighbors.

Environmental Management

Corporate Stewardship

InfraSource is committed to ensuring that all employees and subcontractors are good corporate citizens and neighbors.

To achieve this objective, InfraSource is dedicated to a range of initiatives centered around continuous assessment of our fleet and its GHG impacts, and communicating with our clients to find ways within projects to minimize environmental impacts. 

Upholding adherence to relevant federal, state, and local environmental regulations
Encouraging business practices and operations that reduce adverse effects on fragile environmental assets
Collaborating with our clients to explore avenues for fostering sustainable approaches

InfraSource places a strong emphasis on enduring corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Our commitment to sustainability revolves around working in partnership with our clients to fulfill their requirements, generate value for stakeholders, and prioritizing employee safety, all while conducting our operations in a manner that is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.


InfraSource is making a significant impact on its local communities in Washington State through a series of inspiring fundraisers.

Their commitment to community welfare is evident in their support for organizations like the Emergency Food Network, Mary’s Place, and Toys for Tots. Through these initiatives, InfraSource is helping to ensure that the most vulnerable members of society have access to essential resources and support during challenging times.

Additionally, their contributions to eight Main Street programs across Washington State reflect their dedication to preserving and revitalizing local businesses and communities. InfraSource’s philanthropic efforts serve as a shining example of how a corporation can positively influence the lives of those in need and enhance the vitality of the communities they operate in.