Incident Response & Emergency Restoration

In addition to our core offerings, we offer incident response and emergency restoration services

Our incident response and emergency restoration services are designed to help utilities quickly respond to emergencies, such as natural disasters or equipment failures, and restore service as quickly as possible. We have experienced and well-trained teams that can mobilize quickly to respond to emergency situations, and they use the latest technology and equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely. By working with us for incident response and emergency restoration, utilities can minimize downtime and ensure that their customers have reliable access to essential services.

  • Incident Command Center

  • Purge and pig lines to clean out water

  • Dew point test on mains to check moisture levels

  • Run dryers on mains to reduce moisture

  • Pressure test mains and services

  • Replacement of mains and services

  • Replacement or rebuilding of meter sets and meters

  • Replacement of district regulators

  • Relighting of customer appliances